Rising temperatures in India are pushing those who have to be outdoors to adapt to a new reality

Climate Change

Unprecedented temperatures have struck large parts of northern and central India for weeks, killing dozens of people and unleashing a public health crisis.

A new study finds that scientists may be able to detect dementia sooner and faster

Health & Medicine
Magnified red microbes float among a yellow background

A micro safari through household germs reveals that cleanliness isn’t always a good thing

Colonies of lab-grown E. coli bacteria similar to a strain carrying a gene that makes it resistant to all known antibiotics. Many bacterial pathogens are developing drug resistance due to the widespread misuse of antibiotics.

Think antibiotic-resistant ‘super-bugs’ are only a distant threat? Think again.

French President Francois Mitterrand raises his cap as he goes for a walk in the streets of Chateau-Chinon in 1995.

French politicians have a long history of keeping their serious illnesses secret

Global Politics
Baby powder

A jury has found what science still has not: A link between baby powder and cancer


The science is inconclusive, but juries recently decided against Johnson & Johnson in two cases where plaintiffs claimed their ovarian cancer was caused by long-term genital use of baby powder.

Squirrel monkey

A cure for ‘colorblindness’ may be in sight


If you are ‘colorblind,’ you can miss out on certain common life experiences, like the beauty of a sunset; you can even be barred from certain jobs and vocations. A promising new gene therapy treatment may soon make these limitations a thing of the past.

Frozen blood samples

Pre-natal exposure to DDT linked to increased likelihood of breast cancer


Though the pesticide DDT was banned in the US in 1972, its effects in the human body may live on. New research has found the strongest link yet between exposure to DDT in the womb and the likelihood of breast cancer later in life.

Baby powder commercial

Women are suing Johnson & Johnson over talcum powder


Talcum powder has been used for more than a century on babies and many people use it for daily hygiene. But a spate of recent lawsuits and some studies suggest using talc could lead to ovarian cancer in adult women. Still, the science is far from settled.

A man smokes a cigar while standing next to a window in Havana, January 20, 2005.

Americans could soon benefit from a lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Cuba last month to sign an accord that would allow Americans to test out a Cuban-developed lung cancer vaccine.