How a Hate Crime Reverberates Through a Community

How a Hate Crime Reverberates Through a Community 

Empire star Jussie Smollett told police that his attackers shouted “this is MAGA country," referencing President Trump’s campaign slogan.

NFL Players and Activism, On and Off the Field

Although there has not been as much coverage, NFL players are still actively involved in social justice activism.

In a Just Society, is There Room for Billionaires?

Several high profile billionaires have come out against transformational social programs like Medicare for All, arguing the country does not have enough money.

Creator of Netflix's "One Day at a Time" on Making the Show a Love Letter to Her Family

The Takeaway sits down with the executive producer of Netflix’s "One Day at a Time," to discuss Latinx representation and balancing everyday realities with humor on the sitcom.


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How a Hate Crime Reverberates Through a Community