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A vast array of curved mirrors at the Noor Concentrated Solar Power plant near Ouarzazate, Morocco. The massive facility is part of an agressive effort to develop renewable power in Morocco.

Now blooming in the desert: Morocco’s grand dream of energy independence


Morocco is building one of the world’s largest solar power plants in the desert east of Marrakesh, using a technology that will allow it to generate electricity well past sundown. It’s part of an aggressive strategy to become energy independent.

China says it will invest another $361 dollars in renewable energy over the next four years and create 13 million new jobs in the sector, building on previous massive investments. The country already has the largest capacity of solar p

Donald Trump sees the future in coal. China sees the future in renewables. Who’s making the safer bet?

Powder River Basin

Activists to Obama: Stop leasing public land to take out oil, gas, coal

"Kayaktivists" demonstrate in Seattle's Elliot Bay against the arrival last month of the Shell's massive Polar Pioneer oil rig, rising behind them above the city's waterfront. Shell is using Seattle as a staging area for its new offshore drilling operatio

The road to Arctic oil drilling runs through Seattle. People there are trying to block it.

Shanghai smog

IMF: ‘True cost’ of fossil fuels is $5.3 trillion a year

Divest Harvard Co-Founder Chloe Maxmin became an activist at age 12

Activists go up against Drew Faust as Harvard refuses to divest carbon


The Harvard University president, who skipped midterms to march in Selma 50 years ago, is facing activists who see her as representative of university’s refusal to get rid of investments in fossil fuels. Says one Harvard student: “The leaders I’m supposed to look up to have 100 percent failed me.”