Tropical forest Indonesia

Tropical forests are becoming net carbon producers, instead of carbon sinks


Tropical forests have historically absorbed excess carbon dioxide, but new research indicates that these areas have become a net source of CO2.

Clinic Exterior

Protecting Indonesia’s forests, one doctor’s appointment at a time

The Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, pictured here, has been a boon for forest science.

One of the largest ‘test tubes’ in science is an 8,000-acre forest in New Hampshire

Tiger in China

China is looking to the US as it builds its first national park system

Women on the street

These Indian women said they could protect their local forests better than the men in their village. The men agreed.

Deforestation for palm oil

Saving the planet depends on saving its tropical forests. Can we do it?


The UN-REDD program aims to restore tropical forests to offset carbon emissions and buy time for humanity to move to green energy economies. REDD has seen some limited small-scale implementation, but, even after the recent agreement at COP21, it’s still unclear whether REDD will deliver on its promise.