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Does Sound Affect the Way We Taste?

The next time you eat out in a restaurant, consider the sounds around you. Is there music playing? Just the gentle hum of other people’s conversations? Maybe it’s loud and booming, maybe it’s relatively quiet. Whatever the acoustic atmosphere, it could be affecting how you experience the flavor of the food and drink you’re consuming, […]

Looks Fishy, Tastes Fishy. But Where’s the Fish?

Track a Plant’s Movement

From Feed Lot to Pasture: The State of U.S. Pork

The 1-2-3s of Hard-Cooked Eggs

Quiz: Pi Versus Pie

Happy Pi Day! Every March 14th, enthusiasts from around the world celebrate the (arguably) most famous number in mathematics with events, apparel, social media love, and a certain crusty dessert by a similar name.  While pi and pie sound alike, that’s not the only thing that connects them. Both have a long, storied history involving […]

Get Ready to Hike

Ready to start exploring the outdoors with your family? Make your hikes even more fun with these tips from National Wildlife Federation. Ages: 7+ Cost: Under $10 Duration: 10 minutes to over an hour What You Need Binoculars (optional) Bug repellant Camera (optional) Cell phone (optional) Emergency Kit First Aid Kit Hat (optional) Magnifying glass (optional) […]

Picture of the Week: Cranberries

There are certain things that might come to mind when thinking about cranberries: A certain shade of red, a certain small size, and a certain kind of tartness. But these characteristics can differ among cranberry varieties—of which there are more than 100, according to Carolyn DeMoranville, an associate extension professor and station director at the […]

#ObserveEverything: Staff Picks, Week #3

During the third week of the ObserveEverything project, folks went above and beyond simple picture-taking, conducting their observations underwater, watching fruit decompose, and looking closely at oddities in satellite images. With your unique approaches came something even more exciting—questions! Are there special wood ants in Yosemite National Park? Is there treasure beneath a Peruvian lake? […]

Is MSG Bad for Your Health?

Order from any number of Chinese takeout restaurants these days, and you might notice that many menus boast “NO ADDED MSG.” The label can also be found in supermarket aisles on snack foods or on packaged seasonings. The labels are meant to ease consumers’ worries, because MSG, which is used as a flavor enhancer, has […]