Folk music

Sacred Harp

Sacred Harp singing is a tradition that began in the 19th century in the Deep South and gradually died out in the 20th. The music’s unearthly allure for people across the country contributes to its resurgence today.

Sacred Harp

Nora Guthrie on Artistic Legacies

The World

Merita Halili

Garden Music

Merita Halili

Albania’s national folk-singing treasure adjusts to a new life in America. Produced by Eric Copage and Jocelyn Gonzales.

La Musica Della Mafia

The songs in this collection of traditional Italian folk music were all written by, for and about the Mafia, and provide a tantalizing oral history of Italy’s mythic criminal universe. Produced by David Krasnow.

Robby Romero

Romero is an Apache who spent a lot of his childhood in Hollywood. His parents were in the film industry — his mom once danced in an Elvis movie. But as he got older and started playing music professionally, he found his calling in Native Rock, mixing contemporary folk-rock with traditional native instruments like flutes […]

Long Song

The nomadic herders of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert preserve an oral tradition — thousands of epic poems and melodies, many never recorded. So the best way to learn the folk songs of the Gobi herders might be to go there and drive around. That’s how an American student took up Long Song. Produced by Allan Coukell.

Michelle Shocked

Folk-rocker Michelle Shocked is a kind of a godmother to a young generation of singer-songwriters. For her, sleepless nights are sometimes the only way to write a song — so she keeps a guitar right beside her bed. Produced by Trey Kay.