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How do our brains react to drugs? A former addict turned neuroscientist explains.

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With overdoses becoming an increasing problem in the US, its more important than ever to understand how our brains react to drugs. Judith Grisel, a former drug addict turned neuroscientist, explains how our brains become addicted to drugs and shares her story.

Opium Lit

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Sideshow Podcast: The Internet’s Best TV Show Heads to HBO

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MRI of the brain

Gary Marcus: Enhancing creativity

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The White House threatens to take Congress to the mat on the border wall

Global Politics
Jennelyn Olaires, the partner of Michael Siaron whom police said was killed by a vigilante group in Manila.

The rule of law in the Philippines gives way to more summary executions


With encouragement from the leader of the Philippines, police and vigilantes are killing suspected criminals.With encouragement from the leader of the Philippines, police and vigilantes are killing suspected criminals.

Russia's Maria Sharapova serves during her third round match against Lauren Davis of the U.S. at the Australian Open tennis tournament at Melbourne Park, Australia, January 22, 2016.

The creator of Meldonium thinks athletes like Maria Sharapova should be able to use his product


Professor Ivars Kalvins invented the drug Meldonium to help treat heart conditions. He thinks the decision to ban athletes from using it is a terrible idea.

Martin Shkreli

A drug that used to cost $13.50 per tablet rose to $750. Can that be justified?


The cost of drugs is suddenly an election issue after a pharmaceutical company jacked up the price of a life-saving drug by 5500%. But the owner of the drug company insists it’s the right thing to do. Hillary Clinton has talked about introducing controls on drug prices.


Why you’re likely better off with the generic drug instead of the brand name


The name might be the only real difference between generic drugs and their brand-name counterparts.

The death chamber at the state penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas is seen through steel bars from the viewing room.

Prisons enter a sketchy world to obtain drugs to kill death row inmates


Lethal injections don’t happen without specific drugs, but when a favorite drug of the prison system became harder to get, prisons went looking abroad and found the product through sketchy dealers and by lying to drug companies.