A shot of the Titanic from "Titanic: Honor and Glory"

A new video game takes you on board the Titanic — in real time


“Titanic: Honor and Glory” takes you on board an exact 3-D model of the ship sinking in real time.

Family members of passengers on MH370 gather near the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing on the second anniversary of the disappearance of the plane

Two years after flight MH370 went missing, the search continues

Residents wade through a flooded street as they evacuate their homes in Chennai, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, December 3, 2015.

Coastal city of Chennai, India’s fourth largest, experiences record-breaking flooding

A Syrian refugee from Aleppo holds his one month old daughter moments after arriving on a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos

How to help Syrian refugees? These groups you may not know are doing important work

Global Politics
Fire engines at the site of the explosions the Chinese port city of Tianjin on August 13th. Two huge explosions tore through an industrial area where toxic chemicals and gas were stored, killing scores of people including fire fighters.

Chemical blasts in a Chinese port city raise questions about safety

MOAS rescue mission

One American’s attempt to staunch the biggest refugee flow since WWII

Global Politics

There are refugee crises brewing around the world — in Europe, in southeast Asia, in Africa and in Central America, to name just a few. One American — with an $8 million ship and a crew — is trying to make a difference.

French gendarmes and police inspect a piece of plane debris found on a beach on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion.

What can the Indian Ocean plane wreckage tell us?


Part of a plane wing washed up on a beach on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean this week. The wreckage is now en route to France for identification. It appears to be part of a Boeing 777. Malaysia Airlines flight 370 — which mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean last year — was also a Boeing 777.

Heavy rainfall turned the Vere river flowing through Tbilisi, Georgia into a torrent that swept away dozens of buildings and cars, June 14, 2015. At least a dozen people died as a result of flooding and mudslides in the Georgian capital.

Animals roam streets of Tbilisi after flooding kills 12 people and destroys city zoo


Flash floods in the nation of Georgia have killed at least a dozen people in the country’s capital, Tiblisi. For locals, it was terrifying. And not just because zoo animals started roaming the streets.

Wetlands and woods are saturated with oil, north of Lake Pontchartrain, after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.

How crises can strengthen cities that make the right choices


The natural environment might seem like a city’s natural enemy. But using it to a city’s advantage can help counteract the more violent side of Mother Nature.

Residents of the village of Khokana, near Kathmandu, are living in tents after many of their homes collapsed in the earthquake of April 25, 2015.

‘My fear is always alive in my mind’ — the aftermath of the earthquake in one Nepali village


Reporter Donatella Lorch has lived in Nepal for two years, running through — and admiring — the small town of Khokana on many days. She returned to the village in the wake of Saturday’s earthquake and saw her beloved town in ruins, but its people organizing to help themselves.