Soviet Union

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is interviewed by Neil Cavuto.

Henry Kissinger leaves lasting — and controversial — foreign policy legacy


Few American statesmen have been as celebrated and as hated as Henry Kissinger, described as a “key architect of US foreign policy.” He died on Wednesday at the age of 100. 

a black and white photo of apregnant woman holding her belly and wearing a large coat standing in front of a bridge

Motherhood and motherland: One woman’s pregnancy experience in Russia

Women & Gender
For more than a century, water from mineral springs in the Georgian town of Borjomi has been bottled and sold throughout the former Soviet Union. To this day, Borjomi remains a well-known brand from Kyiv to Kazakhstan.

Georgia’s famous Borjomi water company takes a hit during Russia-Ukraine war

In eastern Latvia, the closer you get to the Russian border, the more monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers you’ll find.

As war rages on in Ukraine, some ethnic Russians in Latvia say they feel marginalized

Black-and-white photo of two men in outdoor gear standing besides a large harpoon gun on a boat

The Soviet Union once hunted endangered whales to the brink of extinction — but its scientists opposed whaling and secretly tracked its toll

Many of the Jewish graves in Kyrgyzstan are adorned with Stars of David.

The Jewish graves in Kyrgyzstan are fading. But a small Jewish community continues to thrive. 


An estimated 40,000 Jews fled fighting in the western part of the Soviet Union during World War II and sought refuge in Central Asia. Today, only about 1,500 Jews still live in Kyrgyzstan, but the small community continues to thrive.

Many of Tskaltubo's sanatoriums will soon be renovated and reopened to tourists once again through an initiative funded by the government and private investment.

Longtime refugees in Georgia say goodbye to the Soviet-era sanatoriums they called home


Displaced people have spent decades living in old sanatoriums and hotels scattered throughout Georgia. Now, the government plans to restore the dilapidated buildings to boost tourism. 

President Joe Biden meets virtually with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus in Washington, Monday, April 11, 2022. 

Amid war in Ukraine, India maintains ‘strategic partnership’ with Russia


When it comes to speaking out against Russian aggression in Ukraine, India has largely remained silent. Defense and energy needs are key factors, but a “heavy dose of nostalgia” is also playing a role.

The International Space Station is a great example of how space has, for the most part, been a peaceful and collaborative international arena.

Space law hasn’t been changed since 1967 – but the UN aims to update laws and keep space peaceful

Global Politics

Activities in space today are far more numerous and complicated compared to 1967, before humans had landed on the moon or Elon Musk had even been born. Two experts explain the need for better laws to keep space peaceful.

Eusebio Torres waits to be vaccinated as a nurse prepares the dose of the Cuban Abdala COVID-19 vaccine at the Gustavo Aldereguia hospital in Cienfuegos, Cuba, Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Cuba’s promise of a homegrown COVID-19 vaccine  


Cuba, a world leader in medicine, is the first in Latin America to develop its own COVID-19 vaccine.