A portrait of Sasami from her self-titled LP, "Sasami."

‘It’s all mixed’: Sasami makes music inspired by her multicultural heritage 


Sasami’s latest album, “Squeeze,” is a musical concoction of different genres and influences — including her family’s multicultural heritage as zainichi Koreans. Meklit Hadero, host of “Movement,” our series on music and migration, speaks with Sasami about her family history and upbringing. 

A few customers sneak into a card shop just before closing time in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Pokémon fever once again grips fans around the world

two actors pretending to fight

Tokyo’s trash-collecting samurai takes a fun, zany approach to cleanup

Customers get out their smartphones and go silent as Shizuo Mori begins his pudding-fling serving technique that made him a viral sensation.

This 80-year-old pudding maker in Tokyo goes viral for his flan-flinging flair

sushi restaurant facade

Japanese restaurants use AI to combat sushi terrorism

man speaking at podium

Japan’s infamous ‘happy’ cult sets sights on the United States

Sacred Nation

Happy Science is among the most enduring and far-reaching “new religious movement,” as they’re called in Japan. 

The Manuscript Café in Tokyo helps writers to bring their projects to completion.

Tokyo café specializes in aiding procrastinators 

A café manager in Tokyo has developed a particular method to help writers struggling with procrastination complete their work.

Japan's outgoing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks to the media as he arrives at the prime minister's office for a cabinet meeting in Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s ex-leader Shinzo Abe assassinated during a speech


Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was delivering a campaign speech when a gunman shot him from behind. “Japan is in a state of shock. It is a tragic and unprecedented attack,” reporter Thisanka Siripala tells The World’s host Marco Werman.

People walk across the famed Shibuya scramble crossing as the sun sets behind the skyscraper, Oct. 11, 2021, in Tokyo.

A Tokyo train company moves to become net-carbon neutral


Last month, one railway network in Tokyo switched its entire network to electricity derived from renewable energy. It’s the first time a railway has become entirely net-carbon neutral.

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese, center back, celebrates with his partner partner Jodie Haydon, right, and Labor senate leader partner Penny Wong at a Labor Party event in Sydney, Australia

Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo summit


Australia’s new prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has flown to Tokyo for a summit, after being sworn in to office on Monday. He’s meeting with the leaders of the US, Japan and India.