A photo showing the back side of a group of people walking in the heat on a desolate road

‘It’s really hard here’: Migrants heading north from Latin America face barriers at the US-Mexico border


Migrants from as far south as Chile are walking north to the United States, hoping for a better life. But before they make it to that border, they must make it across Mexico’s southern border.

A Haitian vendor

Thousands of Haitians trying to reach the US are in limbo in Tapachula in southern Mexico

Central American migrants are shown walking on a road and sidewalk spreading the length of the highway in frame near the border with Guatemala.

Thousands of US-bound migrants cross into Mexican border city

Conflict & Justice
a nicarguan migrant woman and her daughter in mexico

Violence drives increasing numbers of Nicaraguans to the US


Some migrants are rethinking the US as their ultimate destination


Mexico’s ‘Mama Africa’ welcomes migrants on a long journey


An unmarked hotel along the Mexico-Guatemala border has become a frequent stop for weary migrants from parts of Africa and Haiti heading north.