Who Owns Peru’s Culture?

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For nearly 100 years, Yale University’s Peabody Museum has been the keeper of thousands of relics found at Machu Picchu — the “lost city of the Incas,” perched 8-thousand feet up in the Peruvian Andes. About 5 years ago, Peru’s government started asking Yale to return the artifacts. Mary Stucky recently went to Machu Picchu […]

three people inside car, man driving, woman in passenger seat smiling and waving, one more person in back

Family ties and a presidential pardon — it’s a ‘Greek tragedy’ playing out in Peru

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Parán resident Lorenzo Torres walks to the town center to buy food; Torres is blind, and the walk usually takes him about two hours.

Everyone in this small Peruvian town knew about the men who go blind by age 50. Then they found out why

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Dengue Dengue Dengue! Thumps, Asks You to Chill

Dengue Dengue Dengue! Thumps, Asks You to Chill

A Peruvian hairless dog at Alfredo Janneau's kennel in Lima.

Peru has a new love affair with its hairless dogs

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Peru’s breed of hairless dogs almost died out. But now Peru claims these dogs as “cultural patrimony.”

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Video: The Breast Club

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When Victoria Contreras was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt frightened and isolated. She rediscovered hope and community at the Breast Club, a local support group in Lima, Peru.

Blanca Alva, Peru's historian in charge of protecting the country's "cultural patrimony," confiscating illegal handicrafts.

A woman dodges rocks and Molotov cocktails to protect Peru’s ancient sites

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What does it take to keep land traffickers from selling off your country’s most treasured cultural sites? In Peru, it takes a fearless, cardigan-wearing historian.

Chicken Wilson competing in Peru's "Lucha Libro" - writing a story story in five minutes.

Peru makes book writing into a spectator sport and invites aspiring writers into combat

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In Peru, where it’s hard to get a book contract, young writers put on wrestling masks and duke it out in the ring. But instead of wrestling, they’re writing short stories, in front of an audience – on a clock.

Ancient Pyramid Destroyed in Peru as Developers Eye Land

Peruvians are struggling to protect a 4,000-year-old archaeological site that is being threatened by real estate development.