Newtown, like others before them, struggling with how to deal with site of mass shooting

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Residents of Newtown are trying to determine what to do with their school, which was the site of a mass shooting late last year. In making that determination, though, they’re able to draw on the experience of many others who have dealt with the same issue, from Columbine High School to a movie theater in Colorado.

Senate moves to allow votes on bills to reform immigration, increase gun background checks

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As push for gun reform wanes, financial costs continuing to build

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Oklahoma-based PR firm plays vital role in NRA’s image

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On anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, activists looking for change

Conflict & Justice

Slate creates interactive crowdsourcing project to track gun-related deaths

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Gun-related deaths continue to mount in the United States, despite legislative efforts to curb them. Slate is building off the attention trained on these deaths to build an interactive map, using social media, crowdsourcing, and news reports, that tracks gun-related deaths in the United States.

As gun control debate rages, Switzerland offers interesting correlation — but is it real?

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Switzerland is often held up by gun rights advocates as a model of what the United States could be with the right gun laws. But many in Switzerland say, not so fast. They point to already tightened restrictions and a, crucially, a healthcare safety net that lets fewer people go witout treatment.

President Obama formally sworn in for second term, lays out ambitious agenda

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President Barack Obama intends to address climate change, gay rights, immigration reform and a whole host of other issues in his second term. He laid them out in a 20-minute inaugural address that surprised many — and delighted many of his fellow Democrats.

‘Now is the time,’ Obama says, for stronger gun control measures

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A $500 million gun control plan unveiled by President Barack Obama has been called one of the most comprehensible federal gun control proposals since the 1960s. But critics warn the administration will need to be strategic in order to get the measures passed.

Expert says laws, not funding, biggest obstacle to effective mental health treatment

Health & Medicine

Tragedies linked to mental health have been in the news recently and they’ve sparked a conversation around the unmet mental health needs in the United States. Healthcare professionals are beginning to rethink the way America approaches mental health care.