New York City

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Can endangered languages be saved? This new book may have the answer.


New York City is home to over 700 languages, but some will soon cease to exist. Is there still time to save them? The World’s Carolyn Beeler talks to linguist and author Ross Perlin about his new book, “Language City: The Fight to Preserve Endangered Mother Tongues in New York.”

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New York City’s older Chinese American population faces increasing housing challenges, poverty

St. Paul and St. Andrew is located on West 86th street, in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

New York City is trying to turn houses of worship into shelters

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A new underground gig economy is booming in New York City as migrants wait for work permits

A visitor takes in the painting “Red Sunset," by Mariupol painter Arkhyp Kuindzhi. 

Art historians debate identity of iconic Mariupol painter

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Burt Bacharach mastered the art of the perfect pop song — and that ain’t easy

Pop composer Burt Bacharach, who died on Feb. 8, 2023, at the age of 94, left a legacy of classic songs beloved by generations. Although often belittled as writing “easy listening,”his songs were deep and complex.

The new reception center at a cruise terminal on the Brooklyn waterfront will house 1,000 migrant men until May 1, when cruise ships will be back.

New York City struggles to accommodate new migrants


A controversial housing dispute this week reveals a deep strain on the intake system for migrants. 

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A New York proposal could allow noncitizens in the city to vote in elections


If the proposal passes, non-US citizens living in New York City who have a green card or work permit would be able to vote in local elections.

Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks during a news conference with the coronavirus task force at the White House, Nov. 19, 2020.

‘We could crush this outbreak’ with mass vaccinations, says Dr. Anthony Fauci


The United States’ top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warns the COVID-19 death toll could rise in the next few weeks. But mass vaccination will bring the end of the pandemic.

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‘African in New York’: Shirazee’s personal twist on an iconic song by Sting

Global Hit

With Sting’s blessing, Benin-born musician Shirazee flipped his 1988 hit “Englishman in New York,” to “African in New York.” Host Marco Werman speaks to Shirazee about his inspiration for the song.