Low water levels are seen at the Paso Severino dam, which supplies water to the city of Montevideo and adjacent metropolitan areas, Uruguay, May 15, 2023.

Uruguayans protest over government attempts to supplement public drinking water from salty reservoirs amid historic drought

The tiny South American country of Uruguay has faced a historic drought over the last three years. Freshwater reserves are now running dangerously low. In an effort to overcome the water shortage, authorities are now supplementing public drinking water from new saltier reservoirs. And it is causing an uproar.


Around the world, Uruguayan wool is known to be cool

Jose Mujica

Perhaps the world’s most humble leader — humbly steps down

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People are seen in front of the Hospital Militar (Military Hospital), where six ex-inmates from Guantanamo Bay are being housed in Montevideo, on December 8, 2014.

Six men leave the ‘black hole’ of Guantanamo for new lives in Uruguay

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Sebastian Castro teaches a workshop on how to plant marijuana from trimmings in preparation for the new rules that would allow consumers to have up to 6 plants at home if they get licensed.

Pot growers in Uruguay come out of the shadows

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Uruguay becomes the first nation to oversee a fully legal marijuana market

Conflict & Justice

Uruguay’s 78-year-old president pushed hard for the new law legalizing and regulating the marijuana market. His reason was to avoid the problems and violence of illegal drug trafficking.

In Uruguay, raft of political changes defy political labels

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Uruguay’s new left-wing government has introduced a host of new laws, regarding marijuana, abortion and same-sex marriage. They’re hot topics of discussion and, surprisingly, often the reactions people have defy political labels.

Academy Award-nominee Life of Pi inspired by much older book by Brazilian author

Arts, Culture & Media

Reporter Mary Jo McConahay felt like she’d heard the story from Life of Pi, long before she read the book. Turns out, the book was inspired by Brazilian book by a noted and respected author. McConahay traveled to the man’s home town and short time after the author, Moacyr Scliar, died.

One Family’s View of Social Changes in Uruguay

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Reporter Valeria Fernandez is a Uruguayan who lives in Arizona. She recently went back home and had some lively discussions about all the changes with members of her own family.

Uruguay’s ‘Poor’ President

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For our Geo Quiz Thursday we travel to the capital of Uruguay. BBC Mundo’s Vladimir Hernandez profiles Uruguay’s president Jose Mujica, who’s been called the world’s “poorest” president.