Ram Advani in his bookshop, Ram Advani Booksellers. He ran it for more than a half century.

My friend, the bookseller of Lucknow


Ram Advani ran a bookshop in Lucknow India for more than 60 years. For the past 20 of them, we were good friends.

A surfer showers off on the beach in Cardiff, California.

I forgot the art of showering in cold water

An employee takes a donut from a display cabinet at the Dunkin' Donuts store in New Delhi, India.

My American donut habit has followed me home to India

The World

India’s ‘Power Girls’ fight sexual violence and harassment that once made them victims

Heavy traffic along a busy road in New Delhi

I never knew traffic could smell so sweet

Deepak Singh's mother, Nirmala. He says it would be almost insulting to send her a Mother's Day card.

I’ve never sent my mother a Mother’s Day card


How do you thank someone who’s given you everything? Indian-American writer Deepak Singh says you don’t do it by sending your mom a Mother’s Day card.

Prerna Junior High

Many Indian girls are going to incredible lengths to get the education they deserve


India has been in the news recently for the way it treats its women and girls — and mostly not in a good way. But some women and girls are taking matter into their own hands, making sure they get the education to which they are entitled. Even when it means challenging the country’s traditional way of doing things.

This is Sahu Cinema Hall, in the center of my hometown, Lucknow, India. I watched hundreds of movies there when I was kid, and it brings back lots of memories for me.

When I try to belong in America, I long for India — and vice versa


What happens when you travel back and forth between your home country and your adopted one? For Indian-American writer Deepak Singh, it means constant cultural re-adjustment.

Flashy multi-colored lights from China have become popular in India for the Hindu festival of Diwali. But this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking Indians to go the traditional route and use clay oil pots made in India.

I wanted the flashy electric lights for Diwali, but my dad wanted the boring oil lamps


For Indian-American writer Deepak Singh, Diwali in India was a time for getting new clothes, eating sweets and arguing with his father over Diwali lights.

A young boy drinks tea in the early morning inside a train at Agra Cantt Railway Station in Agra, India.

Half the fun of taking the train in India is the food


Deepak Singh lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but he says train travel in the US just doesn’t compare with the pleasure of taking the train in his home country, India. For one thing, there’s the food.