Smoke rise from an air defense base in the aftermath of an apparent Russian strike in Mariupol, Ukraine, Feb. 24, 2022.

Russia attacks Ukraine; peace in Europe ‘shattered’


Russia has launched an invasion into eastern Ukraine, prompting condemnation from the US and Western nations. Meanwhile, Ukrainian civilians flee to safety amid the ongoing assaults.

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How do maps handle disputed borders?

A cityscape view from onion domes

Spellcheck beware: Ukraine’s capital is #KyivNotKiev

A man in shorts and a baseball hat stands next to construction workers covered in soot.

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ revisits nuclear catastrophe with a nod to climate change

Vitaliy Kudla is shown wearing a two-tone jacket and hat while sitting in a small room with a bed behind him.

In shadow of war, Ukrainians seek to vote for peace

Conflict & Justice
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is shown sitting at the end of a table chairing a meeting with heads of military and security forces in Kiev, Ukraine, Nov. 30, 2018.

Ukraine bars entry to Russian men of combat age citing invasion fears

Ukraine on Friday banned Russian men of combat age from entering the country, a move introduced under martial law after Russia fired on and captured three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea last weekend.

workers in kiev

Will Ukrainians abroad drive change back home?

Millions of Ukrainians have left their homeland in search of greater opportunities. But Ukraine wants them to come home, and they’re developing programs to ease the transition.

Ukrainian politician Oleh Lyashko is shown with several people behind standing at a podium pointing his finger during a parliament session.

Ukraine introduces martial law citing threat of Russian invasion

Global Politics

Ukraine on Monday imposed martial law for 30 days in parts of the country most vulnerable to an attack from Russia after President Petro Poroshenko warned of the “extremely serious” threat of a land invasion.

and old woman in a field

Despite the risks, holdouts refuse to abandon Ukraine’s radiation hotspots


Outside of Chernobyl’s “exclusion zone,” things have never returned to normal. But life goes on.

A woman by a police car

Ukraine’s first female police officers won’t be posing for selfies anymore. They’re too busy doing their jobs.


Once prohibited from active duty, Ukraine’s female officers are done being a novelty and are hoping to change the public perception of the police force in Kiev.