‘I am representing the Palestinian minority’: Palestinian Israeli politician on the future for both sides of the war and US role

Israel-Hamas war

A small population of Palestinians and Arabs that live in Israel are considered Israeli citizens and have all the rights of the country. That includes politically. Sami Abu Shehadeh is a former member of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset and chairman of the Balad party. The party represents the interests of Palestinians and Arab Israelis. Host Marco Werman spoke with Shehadeh at his office in Jaffa about the current situation in Gaza and what it means for the future of both sides in this war.

Noam Tsuriely is a 28-year-old Jewish Israeli hip-hop artist from Jerusalem, whose debut album will drop later this summer.

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Sami Abu Shehadeh, an Israeli Arab lawmaker, says Jewish Israelis don't understand the ties that connect Israeli Arabs to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel’s Arab citizens also feel the impact of airstrikes in Gaza

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Election Fails to Inspire Israel’s Arabs

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