A young person holds up two balloons in heart-shapes that read Stop the Hate and Love Each Other

Chinese students in the US grapple with the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes


Chinese families are also thinking twice about sending their children to the US to study amid growing concerns about safety and security.

Emily Mao, second from left, joined a co-living community of students in Hangzhou, China, who are studying online — often overnight — at US and Canada-based colleges and universities.

Kept from foreign universities during pandemic, Chinese students form ‘study pods’ in shared housing

Chinese feminist

The Chinese feminists fighting patriarchy in China from abroad

Women & Gender
A police car is seen smashed and overturned as demonstrators protest against the construction of a waste incinerator in Hangzhou, China.

What makes people overturn police cars in authoritarian China?


China’s economic rise fuels growth among outdoor pursuits


China’s copycat town emblematic of Chinese passion for look-a-likes

Global Politics

China’s love with copies is well-known. There are the fake Apple stores, the fake landmarks and, it turns out, fake whole towns. In China, though, imitation is really more a sign of appreciation, than a lack of creativity.

Bike sharing programs taking off with cities, cyclists


Boston’s Hubway bike sharing program is popular with commuters, who may use a bike to finish their commutes to their homes or offices. As the program in Boston looks to expand, bike sharing programs are taking hold in cities the world over.

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Hiking Outside Hangzhou with China’s New Leisure Class

Lifestyle & Belief

China’s scorching economic growth has given people something they didn’t have before: leisure time. That’s fueled interest in new hobbies, including outdoor adventure. Youth hostels are filling up with backpackers. Hiking gear is flying off the shelves.