A young man works on a screen print design

Will a German investment in Ghana’s youth slow down migration?

For young entrepreneurs with big dreams, a small business might not be enough to keep Ghanaians home if they are convinced of greener pastures in Frankfurt.

Two police officers are seen walking past police vehicles in front of Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 29, 2018.

Deutsche Bank offices raided in money laundering probe

Because of renewable energy sources, Wolfhagen, Germany, with 14,000 inhabitants, is able to generate about 106 percent of the its electricity needs throughout the year. The surplus is sold to neighborhing communities, and the Wolfhagen's residents receiv

Tiny Wolfhagen, Germany leads the country’s green energy transition


Unexploded WWII bomb dubbed ‘blockbuster’ leads to evacuation of 60,000 in Frankfurt

Limburg cathedral and bishops residence

A bishop who likes luxury is getting called on the carpet in Vatican City

Lifestyle & Belief
Germany's newest Autobahn church, tucked in among restaurants and the gas station.

Can a highway pit stop be a spiritual experience? Germany is trying to make it one

Lifestyle & Belief

Germany’s newest autobahn church is tucked between a Burger King and gas station. It’s a spiritual pit-stop for highway travelers.

Analog Africa owner Samy Ben Redjeb (Photo: Caitlan Carroll)

Flight attendant turned record label owner spins songs of 1970s Ghana

Arts, Culture & Media

Samy Ben Redjeb is a former flight attendant in Frankfurt who spent years flying to African countries, collecting music. That collection forms the basis of his record label, Analog Africa. His latest compilation CD is “Afrobeat Airways 2.”

Protesters stand vigil outside European Central Bank, critical of treatment of Greece

As Greece tries to recover from the bailouts, the failed economy and the austerity measures, a small group of protesters have gathered outside the European Central Bank in Germany to criticize the measures that bank has insisted on in order for Greece to access the bailout funds it needs.

VIDEO: Los Angeles arson suspect faces life term if convicted

Global Politics

After four days of fires in Los Angeles County, police arrested Harry Burkhart. He’s now charged with 37 counts of arson causing millions of dollars in property damage. If he’s convicted, he could serve a life sentence.

Europe reacts to US debt deal

In Europe, some see the eleventh-hour package of spending cuts and tax hikes making up the US debt deal as too little, too late.