A picture illustration shows a Facebook logo reflected in a person's eye, in Zenica, March 13, 2015.

Russian trolls tried to recruit a prominent US activist. He didn’t take the bait, but others did.

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Evidence is mounting that Russian trolls working for the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency stoked divisions in the US during the last election, going as far as to contact US-based activists to promote and organize rallies and other actions.

Despite being undocumented, Zully was able to go to college to study arts. Much of her work reflects her experience as an immigrant in America.

An immigrant family remembers the past and ponders their future under Trump

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North Carolina Overhauls Election Process

Study find certain U.S. regions can keep poor people poor

CIA plays active role in managing its image in Hollywood films

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Charlotte restaurant serves up free meals, jobs, fellowship for homeless

One of Charlotte’s trendy restaurants is not exactly what it seems. The not-for-profit devotes all the money it makes, after expenses, to feeding, hiring and supporting the homeless and the poor. Owner Jim Noble views it as his mission to feed these people’s stomachs, and their souls.

Bill Clinton delivers rousing speech to fired up Democratic National Convention crowd

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It was Bill Clinton’s turn Wednesday night to speak to the crowd of Democratic enthusiasts assembled to nominate Barack Obama for president. He led them through a full-fledged endorsement of Obama’s work on the economy and tore down and poked holes in many Republican criticisms.

As Obama prepares for new campaign, his record on keeping his promises is mixed

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When President Barack Obama ran for office in 2008, he made 508 distinct promises to voters and of those, he’s kept a little more than a third, and compromised on about 15 percent. But on 83 promises, according to the nonprofit organization Politifact, Obama has broken a promise he made during the 2008 campaign.

Democrats prepare to kick off 2012 national convention

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Charlotte, N.C., will take center stage tonight when the Democrats convene their national convention. Michelle Obama will be the big star tonight and kick off urgent efforts to get her husband, President Barack Obama, re-elected.

Job tips for a tough economy

Things look bleak for the thousands of financial workers — career advice for financial professionals who are — or will be — pounding the pavement.