V Sailakshmi, 39, says sex work helped pay for her sister's wedding and for her father's funeral

‘We are demanding full decriminalization’: Sex workers in India rally for labor rights

Women & Gender

Sex work is technically legal in India, but workers say they face stigma, harassment and violence — especially by the police. In recent years, sex worker collectives have formed to demand full decriminalization of sex work and recognition of their labor as worthy of protections and rights.

Lord and Lady Bradourne during their state drive through Calcutta, on Nov. 28, 1937. 

The company and the state: Part I

Critical State
India Citizenship Bill protests

Citizenship law could do ‘irreversible damage’ to India’s secular fabric

In Salman Rushdie's fantastical new novel, shape-shifting genies lay siege to humanity.

Salman Rushdie’s new novel is a fantastical portrait of beguiling genies who threaten humanity. So, yeah, it’s pretty much today’s world.

The author, with her extended family, in India.

Her first days in America were lonely, but this immigrant from India built a life here

The World

What the bleep? It’s Mumbai, not Bombay


Singer/songwriter Mihir Joshi was surprised when Indian censors cited him for using offensive language in his recently released track, “Sorry.” The word in question: Bombay.

Haleem a Ramadan food that crosses religious boundaries in India

Lifestyle & Belief

Ramadan just ended and with it the period of daylight fasting observed by most Muslims around the world. In India especially, the fast is often broken with a dish called haleem, a sort of meat porridge that manages to bridge the religious divide and appeal to all manners of Indians.

Armchair Traveller: Pico Iyer Takes Us to Asia Through Books

Arts, Culture & Media

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with writer Pico Iyer about four books he recommends that will take listeners to Asia. His latest book is ‘The Man Within My Head.’

Music Heard on Air for November 25, 2011

Music Heard on Air

START TIME: 6:30 EGYPT REPORT REVOLUTION INTERVIEW MUSIC: SONG: The Calling ARTIST: Pressure Drop CD TITLE: Essential Lounge — Bombay CD LABEL: Ubl Recordings END TIME: 19:42 MUSIC: SONG: Aosta ARTIST: Markku Lepisto CD TITLE: Soundtrip Finland CD LABEL: Reise Know-How Sound START TIME: 21:00 DICTATOR AD INTERVIEW LINE DANCING REPORT END TIME: 29:29 MUSIC: […]

Music Heard on Air for November 23, 2011

Music Heard on Air

START TIME: 6:30 EGYPT INTERVIEW TEAR GAS INTERVIEW EGYPT POLICE REPORT YEMEN INTERVIEW MUSIC: SONG: Ciew Mawele (Adham Shaikh’s Dusty Foot Remix) ARTIST: Issa Bagayogo CD TITLE: Issa Remixed CD LABEL: Six Degrees END TIME: 19:42 MUSIC: SONG: Chivo Groove ARTISTS: Gustavo Santaolalla CD TITLE: Amores Perros CD LABEL: Surco START TIME: 21:00 IRAN CONTRA […]