Father Damion, abbot at St. Joseph's Trappist Abbey, left, and Spencer Brewery director Father Isaac walk through their new, state-of-the-art facility.

Trappist monks keep beer tradition alive despite decline in interest for monastic life

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Only five Trappist breweries remain in Belgium, known for producing the famous Westmalle brand. Beer consultant Sofie Vanrafelghem had the rare opportunity to visit one of the monasteries, and she joined The World’s host Marco Werman from Antwerp to share her experience.

A member of auction house staff poses for a picture with a 19-carat pink diamond at Christie's auction house, in London, Oct. 18, 2017.

Belgium faces pressure to support sanctions on Russian diamonds

french soccer players at the world cup

French national soccer players of immigrant ancestry face harsher critics at the World Cup


Why are van Gogh’s paintings slowly turning white?

A Spanish galleon

When superpowers default, history remembers

Hamilton de Holanda on the bandolim and Stefano Bollani on piano (CREDIT:

Whatever: Stefano Bollani and Hamilton de Holanda on ‘O Que Será’

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Guest DJ Tom Schnabel plays us tracks from a new album from Italy’s Stefano Bollani and Brazil’s Hamilton de Holanda. The duo’s new live album is called “O Que Será,” which means “whatever.”

Olympic sports include a diverse history that may surprise you

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From croquet to speedboating, from tandem bicycling to painting, yes painting, the Olympic sports you’re familiar with haven’t always been part of the program. And some you may never have guessed once handed out gold medals.

Belgium Gets Its Own Political Meme

Global Politics

Move over Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women.” There’s a new meme in town, courtesy of Flemish politician Bart De Wever. But what does “Zet die plaat af!” mean?

Belgium Close To Forming Government

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Belgium is on the brink of forming a coalition government after more than 500 days of wrangling. The problem has largely been a north-south divide, one that looks like a microcosm of the north-south divide in the Eurozone.

Belgian Singer-Songwriter Milow

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Milow takes inspiration from North American artists such as Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne.