child migrants

People stand on side of road in front of trees holding signs; one reads "Shut Down Berks"

Despite losing its state child care license — and years of claims of abuses — an immigrant family detention center in Pennsylvania made room for more families


Advocates say the state is turning a blind eye to violations of state law by allowing the Berks County Residential Center to remain in operation.

Letter from US government in focus, being held up by a man who is out of focus behind it

The government says Border Patrol agents in the Southwest speak Spanish — but many migrants speak Indigenous languages

Migrant children outside playing on a playground at Casa Combes, a shelter for migrant kids in Harlingen, Texas. Photographed on June 23, 2018.

The government faces deadlines to reunite migrant families. It’s unclear if it will meet them.

Girl in room with Mother's Day balloon in front of her face

This mother, already deported, doesn’t know if she’ll ever be reunited with the daughter taken from her at the US border

Sign in front of center

Why the Trump administration is asking the courts to remove safeguards for detaining migrant children

A mother is seen holding her child.

Trump’s new order on families at the border raises even more questions about what happens next for child migrants


We’re answering some of your most pressing questions about what happens next.

sepia toned image of young boy, with some damage to photo around edges

For a child migrant, days feel like a lifetime when you’re imprisoned and alone


Beth Lew-Williams’ grandfather was 9 when he was separated from family and placed in immigration detention. And he held the pain of the experience for 72 years.