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Marco Werman is shown with a microphone and his dog Frankie sitting on his lap.
Marco Werman is shown with a microphone and his dog Frankie sitting on his lap.
The World’s host Marco Werman and his dog Frankie getting ready to host the show from home.Marco Werman/The World

Let’s face it: it hasn’t been an easy 2020 for any of us. Somehow, we at The World have kept cranking out a news show about how the entire planet has been challenged and is coping with this historic disease. Know that behind every broadcast and all the reporting and production that go into it is an awareness that you are also trying to do your best to keep your chins up through this adversity.

Despite all the chaos and uncertainty, this end-of-year fundraising campaign has inspired over 600 listeners from every corner of the globe to support us. The World isn’t going anywhere. Now more than ever, we are determined to push through and keep bringing you the expansive global coverage you rely on. No matter what.

Some of you have had to cancel your donations this year, and let me say I completely understand. But if you’re someone who can and wants to contribute to what we’re doing, then this is our message: we still need you.

Donate $100 (or $1000 if you are able), and you’ll receive an invite to a virtual party with me and The World team. You’ll also get to hear your name in our podcast credits. Thank you for playing your part in this important campaign.

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