A silhouette of 2 people wearing a mask appears over the night sky of a city.

Drones light up the sky in Seoul with coronavirus prevention messages

Hundreds of programmed drones with colorful lights flew over Seoul on Saturday night for a ten-minute, government-organized show containing messages on coronavirus prevention.

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Wear a mask, keep a social distance, wash your hands. Those are some of the messages that lit up the sky over Seoul's Han River on Saturday night.

Programmed drones with colorful lights created silhouettes representing coronavirus prevention messages for a ten-minute show organized by the South Korean government.

Two hand and three drops of water are drawn in the sky with the lights of small drones in Seoul.

The drone display took place as measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 continue in Seoul.  South Korea new virus daily cases stayed just above 60 over the weekend.


Yonhap via Reuters

The small drones were programmed to take off and move with precision to create shapes of people wearing masks, coronavirus particles surrounding a mask, and other messages for South Koreans, who are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

There were also words of gratitude for medical workers on the front lines of a pandemic that has infected more than 13,000 people and has claimed the lives of 284, according to data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

The words Thanks to you are drawn in the sky over a city by lights on drones.

The drone show in Seoul, which started with prevention messages, continued with messages of gratitude for medical workers in the front lines of the fight agains the novel coronavirus.


Yonhap via Reuters.

The phrases "Thanks to you" and "Cheer up, Republic of Korea" were drawn in the sky in recognition of South Koreans' collective efforts against the disease. 

Drones fly over the sky of Seoul creating the image of medical workers in protection gear.

The coronavirus pandemic peaked in February in South Korea when the daily number of new infections was 900.


Yonhap via Reuters.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport organized the drone show. But to avoid large gatherings, it did not advertise the event in advance.

This video shows the entire ten-minute show, which was accompanied by music.

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