Making a life — and living — after Buffalo Tom’s heyday

Studio 360
Tom Maginnis, Bill Janovitz and Chris Colbourn of Buffalo Tom.

For his twenties and part of his thirties, Bill Janovitz was living the rock dream — making albums, touring the country, playing gigs night after night.

“You’re always trying to get as much daylight as possible,” said Janovitz, the guitarist and singer of the Boston indie band Buffalo Tom, “because most of our lives were spent nocturnally.”

Buffalo Tom
Bill Janovitz, Chris Colbourn, and Tom Maginnis of Buffalo Tom, back in the day.Courtesy of @BuffaloTomBand Twitter.

But that was then. 

“Now it’s more about getting up and wearing a decent collared shirt,” he said. 

One musician’s trajectory from main-stage rock to suburban-living career. 

Buffalo Tom’s album “Quiet and Peace” is out now.

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