Guilty Pleasure: Defending Styx’s ‘Babe’

Styx in concert in 1978.

Richard Klin writes about arts and culture for a living, so he’s usually not shy about his taste in music.

He grew up listening to prog rock, which he now describes as “deep music for people who don’t know about deep music.”

But Klin has never told his friends and family about one of his favorite songs: “Babe,” by the band Styx. He heard it on a particularly lonely night in college, and for whatever reason, it stuck with him.

“Prog rock I can sort of defend,” Klin says. “A lot of the stuff has context. Liking Styx’s ‘Babe’ has no context whatsoever.”

Klin’s novel, “Petroleum Transfer Engineer,” is out in March. You can find more of his writing at his website.

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