World’s mecca for sex drugs? Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia must be Pfizer’s favorite country in the world.

According to Al Riyadh, an Arabic language daily, Saudi Arabia ranks as the world’s sixth largest consumer of sex enhancing drugs.

Considering that Saudi Arabia only has about 27 million people and is one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet, that’s quite an achievement.

Saudis spend over $1.5 billion a year on Viagra and other anti-impotence drugs, or about ten times more than Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s population is about ten times that of Saudi Arabia.

Arab countries generally rank very high in sex drugs consumption.

Collectively, they spend more than $10 billion on Viagra and other anti-impotence medicines every year.

Saudi Arabia’s sex drugs consumption is highest, followed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, which spend about $1 billion and $500 million respectively.

Besides psychological factors, diabetes is said to be the main cause of impotence in Saudi Arabia.

Nearly 15 percent of the Saudis suffer from diabetes, against only 3-5 percent in other countries, reports

Other factors include: high rate of high blood pressure cases, obesity and lack of exercise.

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