Sex shop clients forced to use back door

Not many sex shops in the world specifically urge their customers to use the back door.

But in Apsley, Hertfordshire, it was apparently for the greater good of the community.

I almost spat out my morning coffee when I read this story in The Telegraph today, but in truth, they are talking about an actual back entrance.

As it turns out, the only adult shop in Apsley was receiving so many ribald jeers from the The Bull pub opposite, they had to install a more discrete side door.

According to the story, customers looking to enter the shop were given a shock as the “Bull busters” across the road — consisting mainly of inebriated construction workers — reacted with friendly banter and a loud "wa-hey!"

Landlady Nicola Green, 47, was quoted as saying: "As soon as you open that door it goes 'ding!' When that bell goes people in here cheer, so the shop moved the entrance round the side.”

Wait, it gets better.

According to one customer interviewed by The Telegraph, the whole "ding thing" got so embarrassing — especially in the summer months when people were drinking outside the pub — the shop started losing customers. 

The customer said, verbatim: “People stopped coming in the end. Business must have dropped during the summer.”


Not the greatest P.R. for a sex shop, which exists specifically to help people with these issues.

Let’s hope, for the greater good of the Apsley community, the back door helps. 

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