Ron Paul v. Ben Bernanke


High drama in Washington, D.C. today, especially if you're a fan of presidential politics, Fed policy, or both. 

The venue: the semi-annual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress, given by US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

In one corner, US congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Best line: "The Fed is going to self-destruct when the money's gone." 

In the other corner, Fed Chairman Bernanke.

Best line: "Good to see you again, Congressman Paul."

Yes, both were ready to rumble, in a classic wonkfest-death-match. 

Of course, there's video.

Prepare yourself for a lot of sharp policy elbows, some inflation rage, a discussion about parallel currencies, the appearance of a silver coin, and – naturally – the evocation of Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.


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