Photos: Cobra blood and rooster heads for US marines in Thailand


When they aren't staging mock beach assaults, US marines at ongoing war games in Thailand are sucking down snake blood and decapitating roosters.

US-Thai forces are now holding Cobra Gold, among the world's largest military exercises.

Following custom, American marines indulged in a bit of Thai-style survival training involving cobras yesterday.

This exercise ended poorly for the cobras.

One marine decided to wear the cobra's skin as a bandana as he nibbled its guts. (Was that cobra pregnant?)

This rooster didn't fare much better.

And these guys are just eating delicious crickets. Vendors sell bags of these for about 60 cents all over Bangkok. Not hardcore enough.

That's more like it!

All photos shot by Pornchai Kittiwongsakul from AFP/Getty.

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