Photo: the Bangkok bombers’ gutted hideout

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Global Post just published my report on a covert bomber cell that accidentally destroyed its own safe house. Moments after their hideout exploded, one of the members marched down a busy Bangkok street lobbing bombs at police, one of which bounced back to blow both of his legs off.

In summary, the cell is either a) an Iran-funded assassination squad dispatched to kill Israeli diplomats or b) agents of Zionist regime plot to malign Iran and forment conflict or c) none of the above. It all depends on whether you choose to believe Iranian officials, Israeli officials or, well, none of the above.

For what it's worth, here's a photo of the hideout I snapped just before police arrived to secure the crime scene.

It's gutted. According to neighbors' accounts, at least three men survived this C4 plastic explosives accident and fled out the front gate with backpacks.

The last to exit, however, appears to be the man who ended up tossing bombs around on a busy thoroughfare instead of focusing on his escape. He was bleeding badly, according to one eyewitness I spoke to.

The severity of the safe house explosion has me speculating whether head trauma or a concussion played a role in his erratic behavior. This is, after all, a guy who chucked a bomb at a taxi cab just because the driver wouldn't stop. (Even in Bangkok, blood-soaked men covered in blast soot make for suspicious fares.)

Such amateurish behavior has The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg (who seems fairly convinced the bombers were sent by Iran) asking this question:

"If the series of attacks this week on Israeli targets in India, Georgia and now, qute possibly, Thailand are indeed the work of Iran and its terror proxy, Hezbollah, the question is, why aren't these guys better at killing people?"

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