Ong Bak video game: you too can wreak Muay Thai carnage

The World

Those who've longed to virtually flip off a war elephant's back and land a flying knee on a dude's face — and, later, stab him — are in luck!

The "Ong Bak" series of action films, which stars Muay Thai expert Tony Jaa, has inspired a video game that will be released this year, according to the Web site GameZone.

This could be interesting. The firm that holds the film's rights, Sahamongkol, said the video game will "achieve a much deeper story involvement for all Ong Bak fans," according to

Considering that the Ong Bak movies are essentially a plotless back-to-back sequence of brutally acrobatic action sequences, it almost makes more sense as a video game than a film series.

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