Occupy DC sites cleared by police (VIDEO)

Occupy DC protesters and police clashed in Washington's McPherson Square on Saturday as police raided the site and enforced a no-camping ban.

Police removed bedding, belongings and most tents from the Square after a pre-dawn raid just a few blocks from the the White House, Reuters reported.

By early afternoon, officers had briefly scuffled with chanting protesters as they cleared the area. Police said six people were arrested and no one was injured. Conflicting media reports put the number of arrested at seven or eight people.

A National Park Service ban went into effect on Monday at McPherson Square, as well as, at Freedom Plaza.

Protestors were repeatedly warned to comply with restrictions which stated they could not sleep in the park or have overnight gear or risk arrest.

More from GlobalPost: Occupy DC protesters defy ban

“They can have the tents for symbolic purposes only. So long as there is compliance we will have no issues,” said Sgt. David Schlosser, a spokesman for the US Park Police, according to the Washington Post. “Their First Amendment rights are paramount”

But many demonstrators felt the park service's actions were unjustified.

33-year-old Lacy MacAulie told the Wall Street Journal, "These guys are cleaning the wrong house. MacAulie, who watched while cleaning crews surrounding her yellow tent, said "they should be cleaning the offices of Congress."

Video from the Washington Post documented the day's events:

Demonstrators have been "occupying" the sites since October and are part of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement about economic and social inequality that began in New York's Zuccotti Park.

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