The new Chinese diplomacy

BEIJING, China — There is a very specific formula to Chinese diplomacy.

From national soccer stadiums to plush and modern conference centers, Chinese architecture bestowed as governmental gifts is making an indelible mark. If you've ever wondered how China has risen so quickly in global stature, this ongoing list of buildings compiled by Chinese internet users might be worth a thousand words by way of explanation.

The Ministry of Tofu has translated the posts and some of the comments about China's largesse, a showcase of Chinese government gifts in the form of buildings, around the world.

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All the buildings are in developing countries, predominantly in Africa, where China has been working for decades to leave a diplomatic impression.

The compulsive curation of photos comes amid a huge hubbub among Chinese netizens in recent days with the unveiling of what may be the biggest show yet of China's largesse. In the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, the showy new highrise headquarters of the African Union, reportedly build and paid for by China for $200 million, opened a few days ago. 

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