Mali News: Tuareg rebellion gathering momentum

NAIROBI, Kenya — Since September there have been warnings that the demise of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi will flood the the Sahel — the name given to the dusty fringes of the Sahara — with seasoned fighters and weapons.

Now that has come to pass with the birth of a new Tuareg rebel group, calling itself the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA, in its French acronym).

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The rebels launched their first assaults last month, after which Mali's army claimed to have won the fight.  That now looks both premature and optimistic.

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The MNLA is reportedly getting ready to launch an assault on the desert town of Kidal in northern Mali, and the aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres — never the first to abandon their posts — has pulled out of northern Mali.

This is not just a Malian problem, as most of the Sahelian countries have faced Tuareg rebellions in the past. If this one gains momentum, the situation looks bleak.

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To see what the MNLA looks like, check out this impressive slideshow by the intrepid award-winning photographer Veronique de Viguerie playing on The New York Times website.

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