Got drones? North Korea does.


South Korea says that North Korea is developing kamikaze drones.

They would, wouldn't they?

Like most things out of North Korea, it is difficult to verify these reports. And, like most reports out of South Korea, it is difficult not to jump to the conclusion that they are making accusations for diplomatic gain. 

But still.

The Chosun Ibo and Yonhap have both reported that North Korea is developing unmanned attack drones. Apparently, the North is using US technology to model their drones, which they got from somewhere in the Middle East.

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The reports were based on the comments of an anonymous source in Seoul, who said, apparently:

"North Korea recently bought several US MQM-107D Streakers from a Middle Eastern nation that appears to be Syria, and is developing unmanned attack aircraft based on them."

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The South suggested that the North would attack its shores with the new drones, and in response has said it will unleash surveillance drones on the North. Game on.

A military source told the Chosun Ibo that the North's technology can't hold a candle to the US' at this stage, but that doesn't mean the situation couldn't change. And fast.

When China got in on the drone race last year, it was widely accepted that the stakes had been raised internationally, and that the world would see an increase in the speed of drone technology developments.

If the drones of today don't scare you, beware those of tomorrow.

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