Flamingos freeze to death in France from cold snap (VIDEO)

Flamingos in a town outside of Paris have frozen to death due to Europe’s severe cold snap, the Guardian reported.

At least 55 pink flamingos were found dead due to the cold weather in a zoo in the town of Gruissan. Firefighters have been gathering surviving flamingos and are taking them to a bird park in Camargue, the Guardian reported. The League for Protection of Birds (OPL) also helped in the effort to gather the surviving flamingos.

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“These birds have suffered from the cold wave. The ten days of cold have weakened them and so their energy reserves have reduced,” said Francis Morlon, Director of the OPL, the Daily Mail reported. “And what happened was that, on Monday, we had winds of 120km/h and so the birds were not able to flee the peak of the cold and all the ponds of the region have frozen.”

As the cold snap continues, and is expected to last until the end of February, people and animals are trying to remain indoors.

Parc de Thoiry, another zoo outside of Paris, has been closed for the last five days due to the cold weather, the Associated Press reported. Zoo keeper Paul de la Panouse said the animals can’t take the cold winter and ostriches and giraffes have taken to the indoors.

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While he wasn’t surprised these animals took to the indoors due to where they originate from, he said even the zoo’s elephant stuck inside, the AP reported.

The zoo’s bears, hippos, tigers and zebras are enjoying the weather, however, playing throughout the grounds and even on the frozen lakes.

"Ice skating," he said to the AP, regarding his giraffes and ostriches, "it's not for them."

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