Fake rhino escapes from Tokyo zoo (VIDEO)

If a rhino escaped from a zoo in Tokyo, zoo keepers would know just what to do.

The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo has been practicing what they would do in the event of an animal escape with a huge paper mache rhino, the Daily Telegraph reported. Zoo keepers and police have been taking part in the drills as coworkers are draped in the rhino costume and attempt to break free.

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During the drills, two employees stand beneath the rhino costume and are hit with fake tranquilizers and are trapped in nets as they try to escape, the BBC reported. More than 100 people take part in the mock-procedure, Sky News reported.

When the fake rhino got out of hand and attacked a worker, the other zookeepers rescued him by pushing the paper mache animal away with sticks. Zoo visitors were rushed from the rhino’s path, but many stayed to watch the drama happen.

Zoos across Tokyo take part in these drills annually, in preparation for breakouts in the wake of potential disasters, such as earthquakes, the Daily Telegraph reported. While this eye-catching rhino costume was used this year, Zoo director Toshimitsu Doi said less elaborate costumes are used in the yearly drills, Sky News reported.

The Ueno Zoo has only had four animal escapes in the last 50 years.

Tokyo Zoo Preps for Quakes with "Rhino Drill"

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