Elephant fitted with contact lens in Amsterdam (VIDEO)

Win Thida, an elephant in Amsterdam’s zoo, was fitted for a jumbo-sized contact lens after suffering an eye injury, the AFP reported.

"Win Thida is the first elephant in Europe with a contact lens," the Artis zoo said on its website, the AFP reported.

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The Asian elephant is the oldest in the zoo at 45-years-old and is a popular attraction, the Daily Telegraph reported. But she most likely scratched her eye during an altercation with another elephant. Win Thida was then put under anesthesia in order to perform the delicate operation to stop her eye from becoming badly infected, the Daily Telegraph reported.

"I was called in when the zoo reported that Win Thida's eye was painful and streaming," said Anne-Marie Verbruggen, a veterinarian, the Daily Telegraph reported. "The main difficulty was her height. Elephants can't lie down for long before their immense weight impairs their breathing, so I used a ladder to get close enough. It wasn't ideal, but it worked. She seemed happier straight away."

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The procedure took about one hour and was the first of its kind in Europe the Amsterdam zoo said, MSNBC reported. Win Thida’s cornea was scratched on her right eye and each time she blinked it became even more irritated. According to MSNBC, the elephant’s eye is eight times the size of a human’s and the contact lens will help it heal without complications.

Win Thida was born in Burma in 1967 and arrived in the Netherlands in 1989.

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