Eh bien, mes amis foodies, le guide Michelin is now a website

Thanks to Le Monde for pointing me this way.

The beta for the Michelin Guide is now up.

Of course, Le Monde uses it as an occasion for some deep thinking about the guide's role in the modern world.

It quotes blogger Julien Tort, "What good are the Michelin inspectors, when the whole world has become restaurant critics? Blogs, forums, TripAdvisor, have rendered the guide null and void."

Perhaps but while the guide is in many ways old-fashioned – and so are its notorious inspectors – there is an up to the minute word that explains why the site will be a success. Branding. Michelin remains the leading brand name in an over-crowded field. I mean TripAdvisor – you going to trust what your neighbors say? or are you going to trust the pro's?

But wait, the website will have comments from ordinary diners. This alarms uber-chef and collector of Michelin stars Alain Ducasse, "You are not Zagat! Why do you want to be like the others? You shouldn't be like every one else. If you allow open comment there will be an outcry from the professionals."

Nice that M. Ducasse agrees with me.

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