Bangladesh-India border: cow smuggler tortured (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


As GlobalPost correspondent Maher Sattar reported recently, the India-Bangladesh border, dubbed the "Wall of Death" by locals, is a nasty place.

"The 4,000 km barrier spans the length of the fifth-longest border in the world, and is manned by India’s Border Security Force (BSF), whose guards kill both Bangladeshis and Indians with impunity," Saher wrote.

The BSF admits responsibility for the deaths of 364 Bangladeshis and 164 Indians since 2006. Human rights groups accuse the BSF of killing over 1,000 Bangladeshis in the past decade.

Saher continues:

Neither the barbed wire nor the extrajudicial murders have been successful in stopping a lucrative, illicit trade in cattle.

Cows in Bangladesh sell for three to four times what they fetch in India, and resourceful traffickers have devised new, brutal ways to get around the obstacle.

Of course, many times cow smugglers do not succeed. And a graphic YouTube video can attest to that.

The video purports to show a cow smuggler being tortured by Indian border guards. Please be informed that the footage is graphic:

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