Angela Merkel hit by beer (VIDEO)

A German waitress felt a little nervous about bringing a tray of beer to the table where German Chancellor Angela Merkel was sitting. So the waitress asked her colleague, Martin, to serve Merkel's table instead.

Martin, 21, held the tray of beer with his left hand while serving Merkel with his right hand. But he didn't keep his balance. The five glasses of beer slid off of his tray and landed directly on the back of the most powerful person in Germany. A YouTube video of the accident began going viral last night.

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Merkel's aides immediately rushed over to wipe off the back of her suit jacket. She appears calm in the video and is later seen drinking beer with her table. They were at the restaurant for a Christian Democratic Union meeting, The Daily Mail reported.

The mortified waiter, meanwhile, did what anyone in that situation would do: he shouted "Shit!" But he said that the clumsy mistake wasn't really his fault. "I was shoved from behind, and tried to catch the beers, but it was too late," he told the Bild newspaper.

In a BBC video of the accident, it appears that Martin could be telling the truth. The beer spills just as a man in a suit, with his back facing Martin, walks by the tray.

Nonetheless, Martin has been taking all of the blame.

"It's not the sort of thing to do to your country's leader if you're a waiter," a BBC commentator remarked

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