Africa soccer: Ghana faces off with Zambia in Africa Cup semifinals

It seems to be a fight of the underdogs in the Africa Cup semifinals. 

Ghana will face off against Zambia tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 8. While Ghana is favored to win the match, both teams have to overcome obstacles to take home the victory. 

Ghana will have less training time leading into the game due to a flight delay from Gabon to Equatorial Guinea where the game will take place. Zambia, on the other hand, had an extra day of rest after winning against Sudan with a 3-0 victory. 

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Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan told Sports Illustrated, "They've had one day more (to prepare) than us, they stayed in the same place while we traveled, but it's no excuse. We've come here to make sure we qualify for the final.''

Ghana may have less prep time, but they aren't letting it hinder their performance. In a press conference Ghana's coach, Goran Stevanovic said, "We have a short time to prepare. But the most important thing is our morale and our personality. We have all this and I'm sure we will be ready for tomorrow's game.'' 

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Zambia, however, is looking to surprise people. For their part coach Herve Renard said his team has more heart, and that may help them come away with the win.

"When you've already qualified for the semifinal, if you are not able to beat the big team you don't deserve to go to the final. That means for us there's no pressure. There's only maybe a fantastic moment at the end of the game. We are all very happy to be there and very proud.''

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