“Naked Came the Stranger”: An Oral History

Studio 360

"Together like garden snakes, they contorted, moaned, gasped, clenched and throbbed."

In 1969, the erotic potboiler "Naked Came the Stranger" climbed The New York Times bestseller list. According to the back cover, it was written by a "demure Long Island housewife" named Penelope Ashe. Except... that wasn't the whole story. Harvey Aronson, Marilyn Berger, George Vecsey, and other former Newsday staffers reveal the naked truth behind this literary caper.

Produced by Sam Kim. "Naked Came the Stranger" excerpts read by Lorraine Mattox. "Stranger Than Naked" excerpts read by Greg Tannen.

Special thanks to: Harvey Aronson, Irene Virag, Corinne McGrady, George Vecsey, Mal Karman, Barry Abisch, and Jay Shah.

Bonus Track: Naked Came the Stranger -- The Movie

Harvey Aronson, Stan Green and Tony Insolia on how the book was adapted into a movie.
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