Sam Kim


Studio 360

Sam Kim is a producer for “Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen.” He lives in New York. 

Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen’s exit interview with Alec Baldwin

Arts, Culture & Media

Kurt reminisces about his favorite Studio 360 interviews… and the time he was seduced by Matthew McConaughey.

Thelma Schoonmaker on the set of “Silence.”

Thelma Schoonmaker: From ‘Raging Bull’ to ‘The Irishman’

Arts, Culture & Media
American Icons: “12 Angry Men”

American Icons: ‘12 Angry Men’

American Icons
A literary hoax for the ages.

‘Naked Came the Stranger’: An oral history

The cassette where “The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet” was found.

What is ‘The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet’?

Molly Crabapple holds one of her drawings from her book “Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War.”

Molly Crabapple draws from reality


Molly Crabapple on drawing AOC and what makes a true New Yorker.

Ann Dowd

Why Ann Dowd understands Aunt Lydia

Arts, Culture & Media

How a breakout star of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Leftovers” approaches playing scary characters.

Himesh Patel in the new movie “Yesterday”

‘Yesterday’ and other pop culture doubles


What happens when your idea goes to Hollywood without you.

Taylor Mac

Taylor Mac’s acclaimed sequel to Shakespeare’s not-so-acclaimed play


Why the MacArthur “Genius” thinks Broadway might be “the queerest thing ever.”

Director Werner Herzog and former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev in the new documentary “Meeting Gorbachev.”

Werner Herzog on the art of narration, Gorbachev and cat videos


The craft behind Herzog’s unmistakable voice-over.