Gaga germanotta, Gaga monstraparva: Botanists name new fern genuses after Lady Gaga


Gaga germanotta and Gaga monstraparva, two new fern genuses discovered by botanists at Duke, have been named after Lady Gaga. 

A graduate student found that the plant's DNA base pair has a sequence of GAGA, which initially inspired the naming. The genus also has "somewhat fluid definitions of gender," since its spores can reproduce to be male, female, or both, the New York Times reported

“We wanted to name this genus for Lady Gaga because of her fervent defense of equality and individual expression,” Kathleen Pryer, a professor of biology at Duke University and director of the school’s herbarium, said in a statement. “And as we started to consider it, the ferns themselves gave us more reasons why it was a good choice.”

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The new genus' 19 species are found in Central and South America, Mexico, Arizona and Texas, NBC News reported, and were named in honor of Gaga's family, whose last name is Germanotta, and her fans, known as Little Monsters, according to MTV News

"We often listen to her music while we do our research," Pryer said. "We think that her second album, 'Born This Way,' is enormously empowering, especially for disenfranchised people and communities like LGBT, ethnic groups, women — and scientists who study odd ferns." 

You know you're a big deal when scientists are naming plants after you.  

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