John Boehner’s daughter to marry a pot-smoking, dreadlocked Jamaican rasta man

We all wish we could have seen his face when House Speaker John Boehner's daughter Lindsay first brought home her soon-to-be-husband Dominic Lakhan.

Lakhan is a Jamaica-born, dreadlocked Rastafarian who has been in trouble with police over marijuana possession.

The thirty eight-year-old will marry Ms. Boehner on May 10 in Delray Beach, Florida.

According to the trusted National Enquirer Lakhan was pulled over by police with an opened can of beer in the car and two grams of weed.

We all know that Boehner is not exactly a "legalize it" kind of guy so that must make for interesting dinner table conversation.

We're already predicting the most common question during the wedding: "Can someone get Speaker Boehner another glass of white wine please?"

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