Alexander Besant


Alexander Besant is a GlobalPost Breaking News Writer and freelance journalist. He is a recent graduate of Columbia University School of Journalism in New York City. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

The World

Bailout talks delayed as Greece fails to meet conditions

Greek leaders fail to meet necessary conditions for bailout money, according to Eurogroup finance ministers.

TransCanada to seek Keystone XL permit

Larger-than-life Kim Jong Il statue unveiled in Pyongyang

Chinese orphans to no longer receive generic names

25 million tons of tsunami debris floating toward US shores

Demonstrations intensify against Senegalese leader

Demonstrators in Senegal were dispersed by tear gas and riot police before Presidential election.

French far right leader is convicted for WWII remarks

Far right leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, is convicted of “contesting crimes against humanity” after 2005 statement on the Nazi occupation of France.

Scientists discover that goats develop ‘accents’

Goats join a growing list of animals found to modify sounds according to their environment, according to scientists.

New documents show FBI pressured British spy agency on Charlie Chaplin case

Newly unclassified documents show that the FBI pressed Britain’s spy agency to prove Charlie Chaplin’s connections to communism.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens Israel peace treaty

Relations between the US and Egypt reach new lows as ongoing spat over civil society groups puts spotlight on peace treaty with Israel.